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Saturday, June 30, 2007



Mimi: Wasnt sure about hero, but u rocked the other songs

Dscribe: that first song wasnt it at all, but the abide with me was stunning.

its hard to know who will win, u have both done an OUTSTANDING job to come this far, and so for that , i say congratulations cos you are both winners!!to all those who participated, WELL DONE!! pink satin and opeke- big up!! well done and it was fun doing this!! luv u all

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Judgment for Session 5-Producer's Choice


@DSCRIBE I know you just learned the song cos you didn't know it last week!!! I must say you sound better than Rihanna :-)
Well done :-) I think you deserve to be in the final round!

@TMinx You sounded bored! LOL! Why now? And it was kinda short... you sounded good, and it was interesting when you changed the end a little bit. I wish you had put more into it.

@Diary of A G Singing is not your thing... So I didn't enjoy the singing in this performance. Overall, the performance was just ok.

@Mimi Good performance again Mimi, not as good as last week but still good. Started off a little shaky but you made up for it eventually.

9ja Vixen

D-SCRIBE: You were the best performer for me this week. I loved your no-frills singing.You have been consistent throughout the competition.

D-Kid: Rapping truly is your forte!...especially liked the spoken word beginning...a good performance.

Mimi: The beginning almost marred the performance,but it turned out okay.

T-Minx: The harmonising bits really let you down,but it was okay.

Tayo's Judgment

DScribe: You were quite consistent with your notes. I like the flow. I also like the bridge and the ending. Considering that this is a producer's choice song, I'd say you did a good job.

TMinx: That sounded kinda average. Tminx, you know you've done better stuff. Also it was quite short. Didn't feel it too much. Maybe it's the producer's choice thing.

Diary of a G:The singing was way off key. The rap was great, and the whole performance was quite good. I think you've shown the most creativity in the competition. Good Job

Mimi: At a time I felt you were just crusing along. It was nothing like last week's performance. You ended better than you started, though.



Friday, June 22, 2007



BOBBY You have a nice voice... The performance was ok, it sounds like a chilled version of the song.I could tell you were tired(you also said it was your 7th attempt). You'll most likely make it to the next round and I am sure you'll step up your game.

LURLAR I didn't really like this performance. I can tell your voice is okay, it seems like you've not picked the best songs for you.

D.O.G. I didn't like this at all. Your rapping is better... but your rap wasn't even rock, no it wasn't!
Maybe you should have picked a Limp Bizkit song cos Fred D doesn't sing, he raps.

TMinx I like this song... You have a nice voice, this song was a good choice for you BUT you sounded breathless and pitchy in some bits. I think if you had practised a bit more, you'd have sounded better.

DSCRIBE I am liking you more and more each week! You sang the same song as Bobby... although she has a stronger voice, I preferred your performance because, as usual, you were into your perfomance!

TLK I love Coldplay, I love this song. This performance is definitely better than last week! You really tried, especially when you increased your pitch. I think it's a good enoug performance to get you through to the next round.

Mimi Oh... really nice surprise!!! This is your BEST performance so far!!!!!! Well done Mimi.



Bobby: Your voice sounded very tired and strained…good performance although I preferred last week.

Lurlar- just okay for me

Diary of a G: rapping def suits you. That song… dude.. I don’t know….

Tminx: ~ good performance, although a bit pitchy here and there...

Dscribe: that was hawt! U rawk! My best performance in the competition so far…

TLK: good performance, try not to breathe into the phone.. Your best performance so far I must say.

Mimi: this is the Mimi we know!! Welcome back to the competition Mimi.. that was hawt!

chicala: u should be singing.. meen.. that carry onnn.. was HAWTT !! loll....

is ide singing this week?? doubrrit!

WELLDONE GUYS.. THAT WAS A FANTASTIC EFFORT BY ALL OF U.. as I always say, I no fit do am.. una dey try!!

Bobby T: Even with your cracked voice, it was still a good performance, i enjoyed it

Lurlar : That song didnt do u much justice,and ur voice was just ok

Diary of A G:Sorry dude, Rock is not ur fort, i could not get into it...i just did not get it at all

T-minx:Comapared to all your performances, that was your best Vocal was gud

D'scribe: No doubt you've got a good voice, u sang same song as Bobby and i enjoyed both of them on different levels....u have this subtleness in ur voice...

TLK: You were breathing on the phone, there were too many long pauses...nd i thought it was abit all ova d place

Mimi: Twas an alright performance, it was Nice and soothing...

Tayo's Judgment:
Bobby, I have some problems with this performance. The tempo was too slow. Also, you were sounded too cool. I didn't feel that passion. I'm expecting more from you next time. I know you can do it.


That was a good performance. Why was it so short? I think it was good. Keep it up

Diary of a G
Men, that sound quite draggy. You should have brought in some more precision. You also sounded off-key in some spots. The rap was good though. I felt that.

I think that was good. You almost lost yourself on the high notes in the verse. The chorus was quite good though, keep it up.

It was a good performance. You kept the flow from beginning to end. I was impressed. Good Job. Was that a vocoder effect you introduced? or was that snapvine?

It was quite good. Although you sounded nasal a couple of times, but it was still a good job. Want to see more from you next time. Give that voice some more body.

, that was a good job. You used your voice well and didn't hold back. I like the way you moved around the dynamics of the song. Keep it up.

Mimi,Wow, Girl, that was impressive. Quite better than your previous performances. I see you've got much better. I think this round belongs to you! Good Job and keep it up

Once again, welldone guys, twas a good round!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Naija Vixen's Judgement

Everyone loves a Naija Gal: your connection was so bad at the beginning, but the rest was ok

describe: i didnt like the song choice, but managed to make it really work and there was no uneccessary ad-libs..liked it!

Mimi:it didnt grip me from the beginning, sounded like you were being cautious, and u came off sounding low

Diary of A G: the instrumentals were a tad bit too loud, and ur rap was not too in sync with the beat

TLK:Sorry ur tune was all ova the place,i preferred ur last performance

T-minx: it is still not there, but u seem to improve time afta time, it was an alryt performance, but too many pauses

Lurlar: Your voice was kinda shaky and breaking and u kept it simple
Sparkle: Okay performance, but it was too short, and i kinda liked it

Bobby T: Best performance of the week, i enjoyed listenin to it, u mos def can sing

Good job guys...


DScribeIt was a smooth and safe performance. You didn't do much tricks with your voice like you always did. The competition is getting tougher, I need you to do more.
Mimi I'm giving you the same advice I gave Dscribe. You need to do more if you want to remain in this competition. It was too safe, too smooth and your voice was quite low. I prefered last week's performance. Come on girl, you know you're much better.
Diary of a G.Diary of a G. That was quite creative. Nice Rap. Your flows were quite smooth and effortless. Good Job
TLK This is the first time you're using your voice very well. Snapvine kind of garbled your voice but I could hear you right there. You hit some high notes and you impressed me. I didn't like your ending too much, but Good Job, TLK. Keep it up
Everyone loves a Naija Girl Men I felt that performance. You did an Alicia Keys song and you delivered. You took me some place with your performance. But you lost some notes in the second verse and you almost went off. You need to watch that.
TMinxSame as DScribe and Mimi, you took it too nice and easy. You need to do more, let me hear that voice. Let's hear you on those highs. Come on girl, I've heard your voice, I know you can do it.
Lurlar hmmmm... it was OK. A bit average though. I think you can do more with that voice. Want to see you doing more next time
SparkleSparkle, that was actually impressive ... but it was too short! I feel it would have been better if you had taken 1 of the verses of the song. I need more in your next performance
Bobby Taylor,*standing ovation* Girl, I think I can say with certainity that you've the strongest voice in this competition. You did some beautiful things in that song. You hit those high notes well, and I could feel your passion in that song. I could almost see you closing your eyes while singing. Good Job, girl.


* Ok... quick question? What happened this round?This round is not as good as the previous rounds... honestly. *
Bobby - You are still one of my favourites. Really Good voice!
Sparkle - Hmmm... Love the song but I didn't really feel your performance this week...
Lurlar - Didn't love it. I think your voice was too high (pitch). Some bits sounded like you were talking.
Tminx - A bit shaky at the begininning. You sounded tired... But you started to get into it at the end, heard you snapping your fingers. I wish you chose a different song. Overall - good performance but you were better last week.
Everyone Loves a Naija Girl - I heard your song before it was taken off the voice comments. This new one is better. you started really well but didn't keep it till the end.
TLK - Couldn't figure out what the song was. You were better in the previous round.
D.O.G - Ok, you rapped. Good but there was too much of the real music playing withthe vocals.Not as enjoyable as last week.
Mimi - You sounded like you were whispering?You were better than a couple of people this round but it's not your best performance so far.
DScribe - You have made it to my top three!Nice choice of song, not sure if it's rnb but who cares? Nice performance... And I loved your extras :-)Ide I love that song... You're still one of my favourites. A bit shaky here and there but you're still good


My judgmentThis week was not as good as last week meeen!! Wetin happen ??

IDEMILI: although you started a bit pitchy but you have been consistently good since round one….dawg you rawk!!! Ide!!! U rawk!
DSCRIBE: chai! I hated the intro, it kinda took yr focus off the song, but, u have a good voice and I can’t contest that. I think slow songs fit ur voice better, as this sounded a bit breathless…. Well done though! 
MIMI: I really did not like this song this time around, maybe because it was low, but I think it lacked emotion. Like DSCribe, u have a very good voice, so, next round, do try to sing louder/ not whisper and more importantly, if ur singing a song with words so powerful, put more emotion.. like.. u mean it.. . all in all, WELLDONE!!
DAIRY of A G: dude that was entertaining… why did you not sing the chorus ur self?? You can rap and really entertain, but I don’t see you doing that all through the competition or people may get bored!! Well done though!! U definitely livened things up!? U RAWK!
TLK : dude…u shouted ur beginning ….a bit pitchy, must improve on the pacing and the notes.. WELLDONE Though
TMinx: I like ur voice, I’ve always said that, this performance was low though, no emotion.. well done
LurLar: cute voice but nothing more.. I think u need to challenge ur voice more.. Stretch ur vocals… well done
SPARKLE: I LOVE KCI and JOJO!!…a bit pitchy this week, u have a good voice.. so pls bring it OUT!!Well done though
BOBBY: GURL U RAWK!! Another KCi and Jojo! Excellent intro!! Beautiful.. songs like these are hard to sing ‘cos of the chorus which can get very boring, but, u pulled it off!! Well done!! *singin along and clickin fingers*WELLDONE TO ALL OF YOU!! ITS NOT EASY TO COME HERE AND DO THIS EVERY WEEK!! SO WELL DONE AND BIG UP TO PINKPEKE FOR DEDICATION AND CONSISTENCY.. I no fit do am!! Una tryBimbylads..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

judgement for session 2(9ja songs)


This week was definitely better than last week, contestants have just begun to realize the meaning of blog idols..
im a babe.. that was hawt!!
abuja babe: lol @ ur yoruba words o.. but ur voice is sweet.. honestly there is competition here o..
Dscribe: very lovely voice.. well paced, definitely better than last time! Well done. I love your voice I tell u!! you make me want to get on my knees and worship gurl!
Mimi: I preferred your last weeks vocals ! maybe it was the song choice…your voice is very good, and u did a pretty good job so well done..
Tminx this was definitely better than last week I actually really like ur voice! The line was a bit cracked.. but ur song made me fall in love all over again.. where is my ololufe in all this sef? well done gurl
Everyone luvs a 9ja gurl: a bit cracked towards the end, but u know what? I loved it. It is not a performace I can forget easily.. …. great song choice for ur voice gurl ….. blogidols has just begun…
Gazelle(sparkle).. don’t remember u from last weeks round,.//? But ill judge anyway… good voice, well paced, , needed a bit more emotion but u know what.. it was good…
Idemili: u rawk as always gurl!! Peoppplee!! This gurl is hawt!! The kid: waaaaatagwan maan!! The kidd!!
Diary of a G: that actually had me dancing to the limbo niaghta.. im dancing to the limbo London!! Well done,, im limboing to the left and right!! That was haaaaaaawwwt!!
Booooooooobyyy: there is something in ur voice that is very calm and reassuring… beautiful voice..! im putting my hands together!! Ole.. u wan do collabo with tuface… oya , please include me in it o…call my digits.. not 8 not,,

guys ALL stepped up your game! Well done!

AbujaBabe LOL! You put some fone there o! I like your voice, song suits your voice. I like how you sang it your own way... you made it your own ;-) Well done
TMinx Yeah, the line was crackling a little. Ofcourse this is better than last week... I know the song, I like how you sang it... you were almost screaming in some parts but I have a feeling it was the phone line... I like how you ended it
.TLK Your voice definitely sounds better this week... Nice... :-)
Dscribe I like the song and you sang it well... again you sounded like you meant it :-)
Mimi Ohhhh the Lagbaja song! I couldn't figure it out until the end... your voice is nice Mimi but your phone connection was bad. Nice voice, nice choice of song.
Everyone Loves a Naija Girl I like this song :-) I like your voice too but the phone line is a little bad too.
Gazelle Are you supposed to be Sparkle? Nice song. Ide Love your voice! You're still in my top 3. You sound better than last week! Your voice is more than sweet, it's beautiful.
Diary of a G What a difference! Last round's song definitely wasn't for you... This is more your kinda thing. Well done! It sounds like something that you'd hear in a club...
Bobby Taylor Ok... definitely in my top 3! I don't know the song but I am sure it sounds better than 2Face's version... I like your voice.
I'm a Babe Wow... nice nice voice!
LurLar Hmmm... I like the song, and you sound like a baby :-) I think you were better in the previous round

Sorry guys 4 d late it goes:
Dscribe: Good performance, but wen hittin the high notes, make sure to lower your voice, so it doesnt get too loud
MIMI: liked the start of ur performance, hard to top Ego's vocals but it was a nice effort
I'm a Babe: you have a great voice, but you are placing too much emphasis on each word, makin the song slower than it is
Abuja Babe: u had me bobbing my head from the very beginnin. u r a good singer and that was a great song choice
.TLK: I think u r d best so far amongst the guys, and u can tell u have listened to the song a few good times, Good performance
Everyone Loves a NaijaGal: Alright performance, m sure u r goin thru to the nest roundIdemmili:there is no doubt u have a goood voice, but there was a bit of pitchiness...but u'v got it goin on
Diary of A G: That was a better choice of Genre comapared to your last effort. It had energy...basically i preferred this performance
Bobby T: Apart from the fact that u made the song slower, it wa good cos ur voice still came thru
T-Minx:Better than last week's performance, u sang with passion. Tho u were shouting at some point, it was actually a good performance
Lurlar: I actually preferred last week's performance, but it was alright still
Gazelle aka Sparkle:i didnt realise wot song u were singin 4 a while,but it was alright


My Judgment

Bobby Taylor Wow! Second time Bobby and you're already making a mark. That was a WONDERFUL performance. For me it was the performance of the night. You took that song and gave it a new feel. Girl, you can sing. I want to see you remain in this competition Bobby. Good Job!

Diary Of a G How many people were performing in that song? Sounded like you had backup. Anyway, it was a good and creative performance. Want to hear your voice more though next time.

Idemili Girl, you've got a good voice! Unfortunately your performance was too short. I was enjoying your song and suddenly it all ended. You need to do more next week. Also, I want to hear you go high on those notes. I know you can do it

Sparkle(Gazzelle)Your performance was OK but was just average. I need you to do more with that voice. Need you to strike those high notes with more strength.

Everyone loves a naija girl You started well. Your voice was a bit shaky in a couple of places. Maybe it's the phone, but I need you to do more next week.

Mimi Girl, you're creative. That was great. I like the way you took those high notes. You lost a couple of notes though, but you more than made up for it. Great job. I wanna see you next week. I like the dress. Good fashion sense. Don't see that in others ...

DScribe That was a good start. You exhibited another part of your voice today that you didn't show us last week. You impressed me last time, and you didn't disappoint me today. Girl you can sing. Keep it up.

TLK Hey TLK, you need to do more with that voice. You are staying too much in the comfort zone. I wanna see you use that voice well. It was a nice performance though but for me, it was too easy-going.

TMinx You started well, carried the song along well ... you lost me a bit just before the last chorus but you got back in line before the ending. That was impressive.and smooth performance. You kept and maintained the flow all through. I want you to come out of that safety net. Need you to take your voice higher.

I'm a babe That was quite good. You took that song, made it yours. I like the way you ended .. good. I need you to hit those high notes a bit more confidently.

Lurlar When you started, it sounded more like Karaoke. I needed to hear your improvisations. Also, you disappointed me by going off-key a couple of times. That's too bad, Lurlar. Last week was much better. Wake up! I want to see you next week, doing better than this.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007




Bobby Taylor: WOW! Impressive. You started well, you hit some really beautiful notes in there. You can sing and I want to see you next week!

TMinx: Nice flows, I like the rap and the singing. You need to put a little bit more emotion into your voice. Good job. Lurlar: Nice pitch. Nice voice. Good job. I need you to do more with that voice next week.

Abuja Babe: I like your spirit. Nice clear voice. I need more emotion in that voice. Good performance

dScribe: WOW! Impressive. when i first heard you, i didn't think u could sing, but I changed my mind real quick. You hit some really beautiful notes in there. Good Job.

I'm a babe: Good performance. I think you could have done better. I need you to do more with that voice

Idemmili: Clear voice ... and your flows were wonderful. You took me somewhere. Keep it up.

Nigerican: You hit some good notes there. You can go high! I want you to put more emotion into that voice. Great performance.

Mimi: Creative. Good voice, good performance. I think you got lost somewhere... but you made a great comeback and that's impressive.

Chicala: Impressive. I like the confidence, and I could feel the spirit behind the song. You have a strong Voice and I want you to use it more.

Everyone loves a Naija Girl: I'm sure India will be proud of this. You lost me at a time, but you made me forget about it. Good Job.

Naijadude: i like the way you moved around the dynamics. But i feel you took it a bit too easily. I need you to do more. Take up your game.

diary of a G: Good job. You voice was a bit too low. You need to get more creative with that voice. You played around with some keys there but you pretty much stayed in the comfortable zone.

sparkle: It was alright, but I felt like you were just crusing along. I need you to do more with that voice. Nice performance

TLK: Impressive, you have a good male voice. Good sound, you seem to know how to use the voice. I need to feel you more though, need you to hit those high notes.

LONDON BUKI(PAULA ABDUL) Well done for having the courage to take part! You are already winners in my books ;-)Good Job ALL!!!

SPARKLE: You have a nice voice. I don't know the song so maybe that's why I wasn't really feeling it.

Diary of a G I didn't really enjoy this. There's nothing wrong with a guy singing a woman's song but I just didn't get this. If you make it through to the next round - I suggest you try something that suits your voice more. BTW, you sound Nigerian, when you sing! LOL!

NAIJADUDE Your voice was low, I couldn't really hear you. I like the song :-)I hope you make it through to the next round so you have a chance to sing clearly.LOL! You already sang your second song... wait, don't worry - next round you'll wow everyone, right?

Everyone loves a Naija Girl I don't know the song but you made me interested to hear the real song. You have a nice voice.

Chicala Niceeee! I love the song and you sounded sweet like you meant it!

Mimi Gorgeous Blue Dress :-)Do you still have the flu? You sounded like you didn't want to overdo it... Nice, I think you are safe(this round). Impress us next round o!

Nigerican Catchy song! I like your voice but I must admit you didn't sound like you were into it.

Idemilli You surprised me! I wasn't expecting you to sound like you had a frog in your throat but... wow! Your voice is sweeeet! I think you are one of my top three.

Im A Babe Nice one! You mentioned your birthday! LOL!You have a nice voice, really nice .

2nd Corinth(Dscribe) Different in a good way :-)It's nice you sang a christian song because you sounded like you were into it because you obviously believe it.

AbujaBabe Wow! I really like your voice! My top three DEFINITELY!

LURLAR I hope you don't mind me saying - you sound so young and so cute :-)

TMINX Come, this babe! Photographer, writer, international traveller... you want to be a rapper too! LOL! That was different and brave...Seriously though - you sounded like a child when you were rapping then you sang and I am surprised - you can sing! PLEASE, I beg you! PLEASE, WHEN you get through to the next round - NO MORE RAPPING! Sing!

BOBBY Another talented woman in here! When I read your comments, I thought you'd have an okay voice but it more than okay. It was a bit pitchy for a short while but it was good overall.


Hey guys:Ok m goin 2 give my honest honest thots..

Sparkle: u really do have a good voice but next time try to move ur mouth a little bit away from the phone....thot it was comin off too harsh

Everybody loves Naija gal: I thot that was a good song choice and it showed of ur voice...i liked it

Diary of a g: 2 b honest yea...afta a while it sounded like u were talking, so bad song choice and next time try to sing more

Abuja Babe: great song by Anita Baker, i also luvd d echo thingy u were doin wit ur was really nice I am a babe: sounded a lil bit pitchy and faint at some point but overall it was ayt

Dscribe: that song showed off ur voice and it did u justice ....twas beautiful

NaijaDude: u sounded so cute, but ur voice or d recording was real low and i cldnt figure out wot u were singin 4 lyk d 1st 10secs

Tminx: wow! lol that was fun nd different, but i think u shld pick a diff song nxt time so we can actually hear u sing Lurlar: ur song choice was cute and u sang it well

Bobby T: babes dat was ril guud

Nigerican: i thot that song didnt do ur voice justice at all...cos it was as if ur voice was bouta pop out...but i think ur voice is good...just a betta song 2 show it off nxt time

Chicala: wow..really refreshin...great voice, great song, great choice...luvs it!

MIMI: darlyn u had me prepared 4 d worst! but itwas actually good! liked it

Idemili: u can definately sing and that was hot baby!Well done guys....Goodluck 2 yall!

SPARKLE: a bit pitchy here and there, especially as it was not audible enough, you tend to draaaag your voice unnecesarily, BUT you have a good voice, well done, room to improve, so work on it!! i will see you next week i am sure
DIARY OF A G: a bit bland, ' please do not save all your love for meeeeeeeeeee'.. you need more soul in your voice.. well done and get better next week
NAIJADUDE: ok voice, no lyrics, no rythm if u know what i mean, could be better, but i think u will be back next week..
CHICALA: you RAWK gurl!! nice voice
MIMI: good voice, tons on potential. improve and up the vocals
NIGERICAN: nice voice, well paced
IM A BABE: good voice, especially for a donnel jones song, tho sounded like u had a cold
D SCRIBE: i liked ur voice actually, thot it was nice, a bit comfortable..
ABUJABABE: ba ra pam pam.. !! nice mellow voice, well paced, u have control over your voice. i like that
LURLAR: omoge naija ! nice cute voice, sounded like u were singin thru ur nose, but ok
TMINX: ready or not... here i judge!! miss minx, u need to sing with that voice and not rap !! Jay z like u.. lol. when u did sing , ur voice( suprisingly to me) was very good, although can be improved

BOBBYTAYLOR: i really liked ur voice, well done.


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